66th Annual Scientific Meeting

February 24-26, 2021 • Chicago

Frank Spear

Frank Spear, DDS, MSD

“The AES annual scientific meeting is one of those special meetings that draws me to Chicago every February.  Each year the speakers and topics represent a broad range of ideas and techniques that support and challenge those in attendance as they become more confident, knowledgeable, and skilled in providing comprehensive care for their patients.  It’s a great meeting.”

– Frank Spear


Cherilyn G. Sheets, DDS

“AES meetings exposed me to the best minds in our profession regarding the most current concepts in occlusion, comprehensive care – and the critical importance of the oral-facial complex in overall wellness.  After my first meeting, it was clear to me that I needed to be a life-long learner to stay current, passionate and relevant to my patients.  AES will provide you excellence in continuing education programs and relationships with members that will strengthen your professional leadership skills. It is a great organization that is worth your time.”

– Cherilyn Sheets

Peter E. Dawson, D.D.S.
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“Every practicing dentist has a responsibility for being a continuous student. The AES provides an exceptional opportunity for understanding the essential concepts of occlusion, orofacial pain and TMJ disorders. It is the oldest and largest of the organizations dedicated to this understanding. Any dentist who wants to stay current, will benefit greatly, not only from the information, but also from the association with so many outstanding clinicians who attend this great meeting every year.”

– Pete Dawson

Periodontal Prosthodontist
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– John Kois

 66th Annual Scientific Meeting

February 24-26, 2021 • Chicago



Vision for the Dental Future- Gary DeWood, DMD, MS

Intermediate Shell Overlay Fabrication Technique for Evaluation of  Tooth Restorability- Michael Fling, DDS

Dawson Lecturer – Ronald Auvenshine, DDS

Gift of Connecting- Sheri Kay

Occlusion is Simple Until It’s Not- LeeAnn Brady, DDS

Engineering Cusp Tips and Flat Landing Pads for Optimal Occlusal Loading- Jeff Baggett, DDS

Guiding Lights in Dentistry, Blending the Old With the New – Glenn Kidder, DDS

Various Splint Techniques for the Reduction of Chronic Muscle Pain Eugene Williamson, DDS

SIC Literature Report- Michael Radu, DDS, MS, FAGD

Where We have Come From and Where Dentistry Will Take Us in The Coming Decade – DeWitt Wilkerson, DMD

Surgical Faciliated Orthodontic Therapy, A Facially Optimized 

Interdisciplinary Approach  – George Mandelaris, DDS, MS

Simplified Treatment of OSA and Utilization of  High Resolution Pulse Oximetry– James Metz, DDS

Management of Chronic Bruxism Using Botulinum Toxin – James Mah, DDS

The Connection Between TMD and Systemic Health- Arthur Moore III, DDS

Cranial Facial Growth & Development /Airway Health – Ben Miraglia, DDS

Does Digital Technology Always Optimize Clinical Outcomes? – Dean Kois, DDS, MS

Head and Neck Dissection – Ronald Auvenshine, DDS, and Henry Gremillon, DDS, FAGD

All the Clinical Information You Need to Know to Practice Sleep Dentistry at A High-Level of Competence – James Metz, DDS

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Henry Gremillion
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“My experience with AES spans 37 years. In that time, I’ve learned so much from the organization; from the people who are members of the organization; and from the many presenters. The evolution of the organization has been so important to me. To go from an organization that was founded on the basis of looking at occlusion primarily and the thinking about the tempromandibular joint. Where that evolution has gone is looking at the whole patient — the whole person.”

– Henry Gremillion

Gary DeWood, DDS

Gary DeWood, DDS, MS

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– Gary DeWood

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“I haven’t been to Fathama. Where I’ve gone is AES. You can learn more than you can imagine here. There’s no better organization than AES. These are exceptional dentists from all over the world and they are some of the best dentists I know.”

– Bob Frazer

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